So, you’ve decided to take up lawn bowls. You’re now probably wondering what you need to buy to get started (and how much it’s going to cost you). Don’t stress – this is the rollUp Bowls ultimate equipment guide to help you on your way.

What lawn bowls equipment do I need to get started?

Although lawn bowls equipment can be expensive, the good news is that most clubs will be happy to provide new members with everything they need. All you’ll need to do is arrive in clothes that allow for some flexibility and are comfortable to walk in (thankfully the old days of a strictly enforced lawn bowls dress code are over!)

The only exception here is shoes. Generally speaking, any relatively flat soled running shoe will be fine – however if you’re playing on a grass green, they may insist on proper lawn bowls shoes. It is worth checking with the club before you arrive.

Once you get there, a good club will help you choose the right sized bowls and provide some basic coaching. Other equipment – mats, jacks, posts, rink numbers etc – are normally owned by the club, it is unusual to find a bowler who owns their own.

Should I buy bowls before I start?

No! Try before you buy. Many bowlers waste money buying old bowls to start with, which quickly end up taking up space. These older bowls generally have quite a wide bias compared to newer bowls, and after a certain age they can no longer be used in competitive bowls. Rather than buy a set of expensive paper weights, ask the club if they have loan bowls to start with. That way, when you go to spend money, you’ll have a much better idea of which brand and type of lawn bowl suits you.

Other equipment for lawn bowls

Once you’ve decided bowls is for you, there is a range of other gear you’ll need to play seriously:

  • Spray chalk for marking touchers
  • A measure – to work out which bowl is closest to the jack
  • Grippo (or similar product) – A product that helps you grip the bowl
  • A cloth for wiping your bowl down
  • A wheely-bag to keep all your gear on.
  • The rollUp Scorecard App to score your game.


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