There are many different brands of lawn bowls on the market. This article looks at the most popular brands, the bowlers that use them and some of the traits that define each type.

Knowing the different brands is helpful when you’re visiting your local lawn bowls shop and trying to buy a set of bowls.

Popular Brands of Lawn Bowls


Henselite Bowls are made in Melbourne, Australia and used by many of the world’s top bowlers including Aaron Wilson, Aaron Teys and Chloe Stewart. They are most well known for their Dreamline XG bowls, but there range is much larger than that.


Made in Sydney, Aero Bowls claim to be the world’s most accurate bowls, and with a roster including Karen Murphy, Barrie Lester and Corey Wedlock, it’s hard to challenge that claim. Aero have a range of options from build your own bowls to ready-made versions, including their famous models; Optima, Evolve and Dynamic.


Taylor Bowls, from Glasgow in Scotland, claim to have the most advanced bowls in the world. Their types of bowls include Ace, Blaze, Vector-VS and International. They are used by many champion bowlers throughout the United Kingdom.

Drakes Pride

Used by Kelsey Cottrell and Steve Glasson, Drakes Pride are one of the most famous brands in the sport. With a history traced back to the 1820’s and an icon featuring Sir Francis Drake, Drake’s Pride bowls can be found all over the bowls world.

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