Last month I had an email from Terry. Like the rest of us Terry is a bowler, but he plays indoor bias bowls. Terry’s email was straightfoward:

“In the game of indoor bias bowls, if the jack goes off the mat, penalties are applied and the end is replayed. The app doesn’t allow for this. It would be great if this could be included so indoor bowlers can gain benefit from this app.”

Terry – If you’re reading this – we’ve fixed it!

If you download the latest version of the app on iPad or Android, you’ll find a new game mode – Indoor. Indoor mode has all the features of a singles match, but allows for penalties. If you’re a rollUp Premium Subscriber you can even use it on rollUp Live to have an electronic scoreboard wherever you are!

With that fixed, we’re trying to fix a much bigger problem

Lawn Bowls is played in many different countries by players of all ages and abilities. With the Olympics coming to Brisbane in 2032, we have the perfect opportunity to make Lawn Bowls an Olympic Sport!

After all, why should young, fast, athletic people get all the glory? Give the rest of us a go! 

Want to help us out? Sign the petition here (over 100 people have already) to make Lawn Bowls an Olympic Sport in 2032

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