The Lawn Bowls program at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games kicks off on Thursday, July 28 and finishes on Monday August 8. The competition will be held at the historic Royal Leamington Spa Bowls Club.

Which formats of bowls will be played at the Commonwealth Games?

The Commonwealth Games will have the following formats of lawn bowls in 2022.


Australia’s Aaron Wilson will be defending his home gold medal in the mens singles, while New Zealand’s Jo Edwards took out the womens’ singles gold on the Gold Coast in 2018.

The singles formats are played the first to 21 points. Read more about how to score in lawn bowls.

Pairs Lawn Bowls

Pairs, triples and fours at the Commonwealth Games are played over 21 ends with the highest score winning.

The Welsh pairing of Daniel Salmon & Marc Wyatt won the mens pairs on the Gold Coast, while for the women it was the Malaysian duo of Emma Firyana Saroji & Siti Zalina Ahmad.

Triples Lawn Bowls

The Scottish trio of Darren Burnett, Derek Oliver & Ronnie Duncan won the Mens Triples in 2018, Australia’s Carla Krizanic , Natasha Scott & Rebecca Van Asch took the gold in the womens’ events.

Fours Lawn Bowls

Australia won the womens’ fours gold on the Gold Coast, represented by Carla Krizanic, Kelsey Cottrell, Natasha Scott and Rebecca Van Asch. The men’s event was won by Alex Marshall, Paul Foster, Derek Oliver & Ronnie Duncan of Scotland.

The History of Lawn Bowls at the Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games has featured lawn bowls at every event since its inception in 1930 (except for the 1966 Jamaican edition where no green could be arranged).

Scotland and England are the most successful bowls nations at the Commonwealth Games, with 20 golds each. South Africa has 19 while Australia is in fourth with 14.