Aside from playing regular matches with their clubs, many lawn bowlers find lawn bowls tournaments as a way to increase their skills, make new friends and even win cash.

Lawn bowls tournaments

Once you start playing bowls, you might find yourself catching the bug – and that means you want to play all the time. One match a week is never enough! Once you’ve started to become confident in your ability to land your bowl near the jack and developed some strategies to deal with game situations, you might find tournaments a fun and exciting way to get extra games.

Tournaments exist in many different formats – singles, pairs, triples & fours. Some happen in a day, others over a weekend, while some may run for multiple weeks in a knockout competition.

One of the most popular new tournaments in Australia is the BPL Cup, which is played in a triples format with sets and power plays. This tournament has local one day round robin qualifying events, with the winners ultimately advancing to the national BPL Cup Final.

How to find lawn bowls tournaments?

Many clubs will advertise their tournaments int he old-fashioned way; a piece of paper in the club window – although like everything, including scoring apps, the future is digital. Facebook groups now exist to promote and share tournaments, and various bowls associations will promote tournaments through their websites and email lists.

Why enter lawn bowls tournaments?

There are many great reasons to join lawn bowls tournaments. Of course, you get all of the benefits of playing lawn bowls such as fitness, making friends and having fun. Tournaments may also offer prize money, which can be thousands of dollars. Other tournaments may offer ranking points, determining who the best bowlers are in a given country.

All in all, tournaments offer another way to keep playing the game we all love!